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CD "Demons of Hate"

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label: Scanner

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X-FUSION are back! As for X-FUSION music always represented a means to express his innermost feelings, it doesn`t surprise that his musical style evolved in even more atmospheric and darker moods than on his successful official debut Dial D for Demons. In the years 2001 and 2002, X-Fusion produced his first two, self-produced and purely EBM-styled demo-CDs, Evillive and Blackout EP Impressed by his demos, Dark Dimensions/Scanner signed the promising project and released what was to become the most successful debut-album on Scanner in years: Dial D for Demons! Only one year later, X-Fusion unleashed Beyond the Pale an album that topped the alternative charts in various countries and that reached cult-status in the harsh/dark electro scene! Demons of Hate now offers a wider evolution of the now well-known X FUSION sound and surprises with innovative ideas and sound solutions.

01. My revelation, 02. C'mon devil, 03. Masochist, 04. Archenemys revenge, 05. Labyrinth of thoughts, 06.Black clouds, 07. Human consistency, 08. Psycho maniac, 09. The dungeon of reality, 10. No fiend to exorcise, 11. Kalter Schatten, 12. Near end, 13. Demons of hate, 14. Black clouds (winter gale mix), 15. Achluophobia (67:00 mins.)

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