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Wild Shores

CD "Illusion of Movement"

Artikel-Nr.: 04756060
label: M-Tronic

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This CD by French Wild Shores features wonderful electronic songs with a shamanic feeling that will make your mind travel! The CD is enriched by a very interesting CD-Rom section including an exclusive module called “Substrate” developped by Servovalve. The album also includes an incredible cover version of Serge Gainsbourg’s famous song “Requiem pour un con”. Wild Shores is an artists'collective of musicians-plasticians formed in the early 90' in Limoges (France) by Evelyne Hebey, Fred Nouveau and Marc Roques. Their installations, performances, or video film triptych, are created on a musical base and audio visual pluridisciplinary process. Explorers of the world's infinite sound library, they treat the precious basic musical material with novelty and originality, the result being closer to organic compost than recycling of so-called exoticisms. Their most unique way to play with collected frequencies design unexpected but somehow familiar landscapes, -video, light and architectures along with music- where room is left for the listener to find his own view point.

01. Illusion of movement, 02. Open later, 03. Barefeet, 04. R.P.C, 05. So good, 06. H.a.p.p.y, 07. Computers words, 08. Tom horn song + BONUS CD ROM “Substrate” by Servovalve

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