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Welle Erdball

CD+DVD "Tanzmusik für Roboter [limited]"

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label: Synthetic Symphony

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It’s finally here! A new WELLE: ERDBALL album is up at the horizon – and what an album that is! While the 2011 album “Der Kalte Krieg” was more a special passion of singer Honey, “Tanzmusik für Roboter” again is what everybody wants and what everybody needs – a genuine WELLE :ERDBALL album in all its glory, being released seven years after the last “true” album “Chaos Total”. According to the band itself, this is not only a milestone but their most important album at the same time, truly in the spirit of masterpieces such as “Die Wunderwelt der Technik” or “Der Sinn Des Lebens”. Expectations are high! Many of the songs of “Tanzmusik Für Roboter” were produced exclusively using a changing sound source. “Mimikry” for example was solely produced on a “MB Simon” game device (anybody remembering?) while “Liebe der 3. Art” was brought to life on a Nintendo DSlite. Of course, the 5th band member called Commodore 64 can’t be missing here. Not only that this famous home computer actually wrote the lyrics to the track “Vielen Dank für die Information” (be surprised!!) – it also provided all the sounds of the pivotal dance floor hymn of the upcoming album, a song called “Gib mir meine Zukunft wieder”. WELLE: ERDBALL style without a doubt! The icing on the cake is a full video DVD containing all music video productions the band ever did for themselves and for close friends plus a full European tour (dates below)! And now it’s your turn...

CD: 01. Welle: Erdball, 02. Gib mir meine Zukunft wieder, 03. Der Flipperkönig, 04. Die Liebe der 3. Art, 05. Mimikry, 06. Ich mach mich schön, 07. Die Roboter, 08. Computersex, 09. Herzschlag-Alarm, 10. Computerklang, 11. Mensch gegen Maschine, 12. Das Passwort, 13. Des Wahnsinns fette Beute, 14. Ich bin aus Plastik, 15. Die Gedanken sind frei, Bonus tracks: 16. Vielen Dank für die Information, 17. Ich hab Dich im Netz gesehen, 18. Tanzmusik für Roboter, DVD: 01. welle: erdball - Ich mach mich schön, 02. welle: erdball - Der Flipperkönig, 03. welle: erdball - Computerklang, 04. welle: erdball - Die Liebe der 3. Art, 05. welle: erdball - Deutsche Liebe (C=64), 06. welle: erdball - Die falsche Front (Photokaleidoskop), 07. welle: erdball - Ich bin aus Plastik (live), 08. welle: erdball - 1000 weisse Lilien, 09. welle: erdball - Super 8, 10. homo~futura - Links-Rechts, 11. Die Funkhausgruppe - Die Physiker

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