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Welle Erdball

CD "Chaos total"

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label: Synthetic Symphony

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"Chaos Total" was WELLE: ERDBALL's first official output after their (vinyl-only) release "Horizonterweiterungen" and their EP "Nur Tote Frauen Sind Schön" (hysterical literal translation: "Only Dead Women Are Beautiful"), and is without a doubt their most successful album to date. The name of the album reflects its contents most aptly, with over twenty songs and a playing time in excess of 70 minutes, the album is packed with innovations, gimmicks and that particular sense of humour, for which WELLE: ERDBALL are justly famous. Above all "Chaos Total" is a fun-filled, joyous romp with lyrics mostly in German, but also in French and even in morse code!?! As always with WELLE: ERDBALL, the legendary Commodore 64 computer plays a prominent role in the creation of the songs, and all tracks have that special New German Wave feeling synonymous with the band - 80s revivalist music at its most extreme and minimal!

01. Welle: Erdball, 02. Chaos Total, 03. Das Souvenir, 04. Das Alpha-Tier, 05. Mathematique, 06. Poupe de Cire, 07. Nur tote Frauen sind schön, 08. Der Telegraph, 09. Graf Krolock, 10. Kneif mich!, 11. Hoch die Fahnen, 12. Grüsse von der Orion, 13. Pi, 14. Bill Gates, komm f... mit mir!, 15. Alles Lüge, 16. Das Sternenkind, 17. Chaos Total 178, 18. Chaos Total (dahinter Gott), 19. Das Mandala, 20. Schalte mich aus!

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