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Welle Erdball

CD "Die Wunderwelt der Technik"

Artikel-Nr.: 04729133
label: Synthetic Symphony

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Welle Erdball have taken almost 3 years to finish their eagerly awaited new album ''Wunderwelt der Technik'' (The Wonderful World Of Technics). With 3 highly successful hit singles allready released ''Wunderwelt'' promises to catapult this new German wave act to even greater popularity.Combining their unique use of cheap Commodore 64 technology and sounds with their 50's retro-aesthetic and their complete devotion to early electronica, has turned this German synthpop project into a real Phenomena.''Wunderwelt der Technik'' offers again real retro-electronics, ironic lyrics, catchy melodies and.... a lot of fun !

00. Funkbereit (C=64), 01. Welle:Erdball, 02. Die Wunderwelt der Technik, 03. Apollo XI/V1/V2/Aggregat 4, 04. Starfighter F104-G, 05. Commodore C=64 (C=64), 06. Volksempfänger VE-301, 07. VW-Käfer, 08. Computer-Rendezvous, 09. Contergan (C=64), 10. Transrapid, 11. Super 8, 12. Telephon W-48 oT, 13. Das Gespräch am Puls der Zeit Teil 1, 14. Wasserstoff H2, 15. Telespiele, 16. Das Gespräch am Puls der Zeit Teil 2, 17. Monoton & Minimal (Fragment), 18. Zeit zu gehen

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