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Wave in Head

CD "The Voice in me"

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label: A Different Drum

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Wave in Head has been a staple in the synthpop community for several years, and this fourth studio album displays all of the crisp production and well crafted songwriting that you would expect from an experienced electronic artist. The album thematically explores different sides of self-discovery, the meaning of life, and love. Also on this fabulous new album, Wave in Head mainly present songs in English but we also get 4 tracks sung in their native German. WAVE IN HEAD is a one man project, founded in 1993 by Michael Pohl (not related with Blutengel’s Chris Pohl) in Magdeburg. It was in 1999 only, when the project (more a hobby in the first 6 years), reached a state of development, which allowed, to produce a first CD and it took another 2 years, before they got signed by A Different Drum for the release of the highly praised debut ‚Time to speak’. The style walks between kittering bass lines, well balanced bleeps, a catchy sing-along chorus and fancy, synth styled vocals.

01. The Voice in Me, 02. Against My Life, 03. Gone, 04. Dieser Tag, 05. As if, 06. Lead the World of Mine, 07. Like I know Me, 08. Mit Dir, 09. Neue Hoffnung, 10. Night Train, 11. The Magician, 12. This Life is Mine, 13. Was auch immer, 14. Only in Your Heart

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