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CD "Runaljod - Yggdrasil"

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label: Indie Recordings

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New album from Wardruna after a 4 year wait! 2nd album out of Wardrunas Norwegian Runaljod-trilogy built around the 24 Runes, the old Norse alphabet. Original, traditional, unique and historical choice of instruments are used, such as primitive deer-hide frame drums, goat horn, trees, rocks, water and more. Icelandic guest appearances by composer Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson and leading rimur singer Steindor Andersen. Wardruna takes us back to the musical atmospheric roots of the Vikings. Featuring Einar Kvitravn Selvik, Kristan Gaahl Espedal (God Seed, Gorgoroth).

01. Rotlaust Tre Fell, 02. Fehu, 03. Naudir, 04. Ehwar, 05. Ansur, 06. Iwar, 07. Inwar, 08. Gibu, 09. Solringen, 10. Sowelu, 11. Helvegen

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