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DCD "A Silent Mantra Of Rage"

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label: Vendetta

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“We all have mantras we say in our heads silently everyday. Mantras to get through and tolerate our daily lives; good or bad. A Silent Mantra of Rage is a description that could be put on any political figure, any blue collar worker, or anyone who has ever been in a relationship that they know deep down is wrong and/or is doing the wrong thing without choice for reasons that everyone has to endure. You have to put up with your boss on a daily basis; cutting you down to size so you can pay the bills for a house that has a wife in it that doesn’t respect you. You are working for a government that you know is corrupt and can truly give a shit about your well being unless it fills their palms with gold. It’s about a realization that comes to every man’s life at some point and a reality we all have to swallow forever in order to survive, because there is no escape.” The third release by Southern California’s premiere rhythmic noise act, W.A.S.T.E.! A

CD 1: 1. War Never Changes, 02. Efficient Ways Of Killing Motherfuckers, 03. Gun To The Head, 04. A Glorious Genocide, 05. The Moment Of Terror, 06. The Beast, 07. Cleansing The Earth, 08. Marked For Extinction, 09. The Death March, 10. Kill Your Own, 11. Assassins, 12. A Silent Mantra Of Rage CD 2: 01. Marked For Extinction (Mono-Amine Rmx), 02. Assassins (The Peoples Republic Of Europe Rmx), 03. Gun To The Head (Contaminant Rmx), 04. The Death March (Receiver Rmx), 05. Marked For Extinction (Re:con Rmx), 06. Assassins (Mono No Aware Rmx), 07. Gun To Head (Xotox Rmx), 08. Kill Your Own (Fractured Transmission Rmx, 09. Marked For Extinction (Revolution State Rmx), 10. Omega 3 (Alter Der Ruine Rmx), 11. I Don’t Give A Fuck (C/A/T Rmx), 12. The Death March (Gates Of Dissent Rmx), 13. Omega 3000 (unreleased), 14. Psycho Killer (Maniac Monster Rmx), 15. I Don’t Give A Fuck (Scary Noises Rmx), 16. Electric Beat Down Bitch (Brutality Works Mix)

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