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book + CD "Lullabies and legends from Brocéliande"

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label: Prikosnovenie

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36 pages HARDCOVER book (24x17cms) + CD! Style: Celtic music, heavenly voices, pagan music. 14 tales and 15 tracks - Here comes the new volume in English of Prikosnovenie’s Lullabies’s book/cds. This edition is limited to 400 copies only and features Celtic Magic today! Prikosnovenie asked their favourite musicians (Louisa John-Krol, Faun, Crista Galli, Alizbar etc.) to compose original songs, a tribute to the Legendary Forest where Merlin met Viviane. The CD tells a musical story inspired by Celtic music in an uncommon way. A fairy soundtrack of a new Broceliande during the Celtic seasons.

01. BOANN-The January man, 02. RIJA-Garden of Love, 03. SORA-The Juniper, 04. MYRDHIN-Marzhin en e gavel, 05. SARAH SHAYNA (singer of Crista Galli)-La ronde de Viviane, 06. ARIEL ROSE-Verticordia, 07. DANDELION WINE-Prelude to sleep, 08. LOUISA JOHN-KROL-The Seagiant, 09. ALIZBAR&ANN’SANNAT-The Butter-fly, 10. RESEDA TILSIM & Antrabata-She moves through the fair, 11. MOOD & NAISS-Oleya, 12. SARAH SHAYNA-Le silence de la forêt, 13. JILLIAN LADAGE-The Black woods, 14. ALARC’H-Le miroir aux fees, 15. FAUN-Andro

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