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CD "Vindicata 1"

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label: Old Europa Cafe

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"Vindicta 1" is the first chapter of a trilogy focusing on grim/tragic aspects of Sardinian culture, recorded by UNCODIFIED (feat. Corrado Altieri of Candor Chasma, Monosonik), and WERTHAM (feat. Marco Deplano of Caligula031 and Foresta di Ferro) in 2013. Based on true stories, 8 tracks of uncompromising power electronics, composed mostly by abrasive high/mid frequencies with a strongly analog feel, harsh explosions, pulsating structures, full frontal angry vocals, extensive use of on-theme samples and a couple of more atmospheric/industrial tracks, in an attempt to blend the two projects' sounds to create a soundtrack for the everlasting blood feuds between families. "Vindicta 1" tries to capture stills of a dying culture where family was sacred, the knife was considered a man's best friend, and blood called for blood. Mastered by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.), this work is co-produced by Old Europa Café with the projects themselves and Marco's own new label - 'Elettronica Radicale Edizioni'.

01. Disamistade (Blood Feud), 02. Resolza (Man's best friend), 03. Deathbed, 04. Fed To The Pigs, 05. Il Tribunale Barbaricino, 06. Solu Che Fera (Alone Like A Beast), 07. Il binario degli appesi, 08. Pregadoria (Mourning Prayer For A Murdered Brother)

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