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Umbra et Imago

DCD "Mystica Sexualis + Gedanken eines Vampirs"

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label: Oblivion

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Part 4 of the re-release series – as always coming in deluxe digipak – features the third (Gedanken eines Vampires) and fourth album (Mystica Sexualis). It was with these two albums, that Umbra Et Imago found their big break-through, especially with the track ‘Kleine Schwester’ (little sister) that has become a huge hit and that is still being played at almost every gothic party today!

CD1 ‘Mystica Sexualis’: 01. Requiem mit dem ich meine Mitmenschen um Verzeihung bitten möchte, 02. Hörst Du mein Rufen, 03. Es war einmal eine "O", 04. You Are Poison For Me, 05. Kleine Schwester, 06. Der Trieb, 07. Hass, 08. Black Waves, 09. Madeira, 10. Wintertage, CD2 ‘Gedanken eines Vampirs’: 01. Viva Les*ian, 02. Genealogie der Moral, 03. Der kleine Tod, 04. Gedanken eines Vampirs, 05. Wake Up, 06. Devotion, 07. Sail Away, 08. Nächste Ausfahrt, 09. Wolfsfrau, 10. Mit Dir (Swinging Session)

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