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CD "Bleach Room"

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label: Speed Records

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Consisting of brothers Paul and Benn McGregor and with additional sonic malice from Mickey J Ellis (Electric Bass) and Paul Simmons (Guitars), Ulterior release their malevolent second album! A dramatic showcase of Ulterior’s infamous brand of psychotropic overdrive. The colour, the contrast and the saturation are running on full blast and a burgeoning powerhouse of ice-cold motor rhythms blend together synthesizer-hacked landscapes forming a glittering and completely uncompromising ten tracks of static-laced , dark, techno-pop; panoramic and mute. No magic or “vibes” are used in the recording. This is man and machines, soulless and pure. ‘The Bleach Room’ viciously scratches out the lines between synthesizer and guitars, between metallic drums and aural assault. The lyrics commanding an urgent authority that fixate around the poison of supernatural ideologies on the human and no; your God does not escape a stoning. Ulterior ask the questions you are afraid to ask yourself. Recorded and produced by Robert Harder (Kylie Minogue, Neneh Cherry, David Byrne and Brian Eno), it is an album of forceful ambition and naked intent that stands to be loved or hated in an unequivocal Ulterior fashion; it is also the impressive follow-up for the critically acclaimed debut album (for which the band was ‘awarded’ with the Cover-Story in legendary British musical newspaper NME!!!), that catapulted the band to the top of the Dark/Electro scene in the UK in no time.

01. Fun Gun, 02. Zero over Two, 03. Psychic Chic, 04. Skydancing, 05. Cool TV, 06. Hello Andromeda, 07. Body Hammer, 08. Motorin', 09. In Vitro, 10. The Locus of Control

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