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4CDBox "The Collective Works 2000-2003"

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label: Cyclic Law

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Canadian Cyclic Law is pleased to present and make available once again some of the most seminial and marking Industrial albums of the last decade. Formed in 2000 by Peter Bjärgö of ARCANA fame as a need to explore a Harsher sonic terrain, SOPHIA was to become a very singular mix of pounding Martial like drum paterns mixed with orchestral arrangements and deep atmospheric passages, which later revelaed to be part of the foundation and inspiration to many of todays contemporary industrial artists. Cyclic Law compiled SOPHIA's earlier work from the years 2000 till 2003 which saw 3 full lenght albums and 3 EPs released over a 3 year period. Included in this unique 4CD set are the albums ‘Sigillum Militum’, ‘Herbstwerk’, ‘Spite’ as well as the EPs ‘Aus der Welt’, ‘The Seduction of Madness’ and ‘Death Dumb and Blind’, the whole is housed in a 6 panel A5 fold out cover with an 8 page booklet. This is the chance to be introduced to this very unique act or to rediscover these long out of print classics. Limited edtion of 1000 copies.

01. Sigillvm Militvm I, 02. Sigillvm Militvm II, 03. Sigillvm Militvm III, 04. Sigillvm Militvm IV, 05. Sigillvm Militvm V, 06. Sigillvm Militvm VI, 07. Sigillvm Militvm VII, 08. Sigillvm Militvm VIII, 09. Sigillvm Militvm IX, 10. Adeptus / Last Movement, 11. Misere, 12. Herbstwerk, 13. March Of Strenght, 14. Winterflame, 15. Inner Turmoil, 16. Copper Sun, 17. My Salvation, 18. Prost, 19. Strength Through Sorrow, 20. March Of The New King, 21. Aus Der Welt, 22. Sono De Ignis, 23. Untitled I, 24. Untitled II, 25. Untitled III, 26. Death, Dumb And Blind, 27. Watching It Drown, 28. Filth, 29. Dirt, 30. Pride, 31. Scum, 32. Splite, 33. Pure, 34. Stained, 35. Stained (Live 2001)

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