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Sonne Hagal

CD "Ockerwasser"

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label: Luftschutz Entertainment

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The CD is housed in a stylish spot varnished & debossed six-panel Digipak including a sixteen pages booklet. SONNE HAGAL are back, and stronger and better than ever! "OCKERWASSER - A Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs" owns all ingredients to be considered as Sonne Hagal's absolute masterpiece! For six years, after releasing their widely acclaimed album Jordansfrost (2008), Sonne Hagal re-treated into themselves, concentrating on realising their visions for that which was to become this new opus. While there were compilation appearances, a collaboration with FIRE + ICE, and a number of live performances, the majority of their artistic efforts were devoted to Ockerwasser, which turns out to have become the quintessence of what makes music GOOD music! Characterised by daedal music compositions, interwoven melodies, and enchanting harmonies, the new album features a kind of dance between folk, jazz, and experimental music, creating sonic dreamscapes that beckon spirits. Ockerwasser is founded upon Sonne Hagal's unmistakable acoustic guitar, and is enhanced with violin, trumpet, percussion, bass, and intelligently placed electronics. Rhythms shape-shift between the delicate and doomful, beginning from the first track on the album. Music, directly from the ether in search for the essence of life. With Ockerwasser Sonne Hagal achieved the finest expression of their artistic voice through their inimitable vocals. It is a collective voice that wrenches beauty and sadness, tragedy and hope, bitterness and strength. The album features guest appearances from an international array of artists, including Kim Larsen (Of the Wand and the Moon), Ericah Hagle (Unto Ashes), Leithana (Ordo Equitum Solis), Bo Rande, Matthias Krause (Vurgart).

01. The Shapes Of Things To Come, 02. Morpheus, 03. Of Dissembling Words, 04. After The Rain, 05. Black Spring, 06. Thyme, 07. Silence, 08. Gold, 09. Devon, 10. Mediocrity In Love Rejected, 11. Assassins

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