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Schwarzer Engel

CD "Apokalypse"

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label: Trisol

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Above the ravaged battlefields of human civilisation, ‘the lord of the crows’ arises: a black angel (schwarzer Engel in German) which is menacing yet beautiful; alarming and full of fury; fascinating and disturbing. Driving drums, dark guitar riffs, bombastic orchestral percussion and charismatic vocals condense into a mixture the likes of which there has never been before, guaranteed to stir the blood of every fan of dark, aggressive and melodic music. Established somewhere between the wild energy of acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH, the menacing metal bombast of DIMMU BORGIR, the melodic rocking fascination of ASP and the dazzling concept of SAMSAS TRAUM, the ‘black angel’ pursues completely new paths. A new dimension opens up, consisting of catchy, aggressive melodies, emotive full stereo-spectrum sounds, driving rhythms & varied arrangements enriched by intelligent German lyrics. The soundtrack to the apocalypse.

01. Ouvertüre, 02. Apokalypse, 03. Planet Hass, 04. Krieg in der Wüste, 05. Der Schwarze Engel (Herr der Krähen), 06. Anbruch der Dämmerung, 07. Goldgräber, 08. Der Sturm, 09. Der Zorn Gottes, 10. Der Söldner, 11. Interlude, 12. Sieh die lodernden Heere, 13. Die Kraft der Worte, 14. Niemals Entzweit

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