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DCD "Maschinenwesen + Sondermaschinen"

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label: Alfa Matrix

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‘Maschinenwesen’ is also available as a 2cd limited edition box set, containing a bonus cd, poster and photo cards. The bonus disk ‘Sondermaschinen’ features 10 remixes by acts in the likes of Die Sektor, Psy’Aviah, amGod, Neikka RPM, Misery, etc. Founded in 2007, SCHWARZBLUT is a 5-piece band from the Netherlands that blends romantic melancholic Weimar poetry with danceable dark electronic music. On their dark electro industrial 2nd full-length album ‘Maschinenwesen’, they pay a tribute to German poetry from the era of industrial revolution - a time in which some could explore and progress, as much as others suffered exploitation, misfortune and disease. As always, SCHWARZBLUT used historical poetry by a variety of writers, taken from the band’s very own collection of centuries old books. In thirteen tracks the band paints a picture with romantic, melancholic yet also grim touches. As all poems have their own character, so do the songs that make up ‘Maschinenwesen’. Going from EBM dance-floor killers such as ‘An den Todesengel’, ‘Schlusspoetik’ and ‘Ein Schatten’ to atmospheric electro tracks like ‘Einst’ and ‘Der Schwere Abend’. The track ‘Die Fabrik’ is a massive machine-ridden song that leads you right into an 18th century steel factory, whereas the triptych ‘Gesang der Geister über den Wassern’ is a classical avant-garde masterpiece, featuring several guest vocalists and film score-like orchestrations. For the beautifully haunting track ‘Nomen Est Omen’ the band went to a special studio to record the choir parts that give this track its grandeur. SCHWARZBLUT reinforce their eclectic style diversity that accentuates a beautiful duality between male and female vocalists. They surprise us more than ever by mixing pounding electro rhythms, harmonic choirs, distorted vocals, cutting leads, grandiloquent orchestras, dark romanticism and German lyrical poetry. To visualize the concept of ‘Maschinenwesen’ SCHWARZBLUT teamed up with Steampunk designer Rosanna Hoogendoor

CD1: 01. Schlusspoetik, 02. Ein Schatten, 03. Der schwere Abend, 04. Nomen est Omen, 05. Heimfahrt, 06. Die Fabrik, 07. An den Todesengel, 08. Der schwarze Tod, 09. Einst - Gesang der Geister über den Wassern: 10. I Des Menschen Seele (adagio), 11. II Strömt von der hohen (scherzo), 12. III Schicksal des Menschen (rondo) / CD2 ‘Sondermaschinen’: 01. Der schwere Abend [Psy’Aviah remix], 02. An den Todesengel [amGod remix], 03. Der schwarze Tod [Die Sektor remix], 04. Gesang der Geister über den Wassern [Carsten Altena remix], 05. An den Todesengel [Contrast remix], 06. Ein Schatten [Neikka RPM remix], 07. Schlußpoetik [Consumer Junk remix], 08. Die Fabrik [Niels Achtereekte remix], 09. Schlußpoetik [Misery remix], 10. Nomen est Omen [Fieke van den Hurk remix]

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