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EP-CD "Sehlenwolf"

Artikel-Nr.: 03933600
label: Alfa Matrix

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On their debut EP "Sehlenwolf", Dutch act SCHWARZBLUT reminds us that music and poetry are always united, and that union is amplified by their blend of romantic melancholic Weimar poetry with danceable dark electronic music. SCHWARZBLUT also brings vocal diversity, accentuated by their male and female singers. SCHWARZBLUT take the listener to the far corners of the human soul by mixing pounding electro rhythms, harmonic choirs, distorted vocals, cutting leads, grandiloquent orchestras, dark romanticism and German lyrical poetry from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig Tieck or Friedrich Rückert. In 2009, the band joined the Alfa Matrix family and is currently preparing a passionate journey full of grandeur and darkness on their forthcoming full length album 'Das Mausoleum'. Expect music with a deep and diverse range. From the pillars of pounding EBM/industrial to lush orchestral arrangements, with traces of QNTAL, VNV NATION and SKINNY PUPPY.

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