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Schleimer K

CD "Schleimer K [+bonus]"

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The early 80’s in the UK was the time when pure punk protest didn’t seem satisfying anymore, but its energy was still in the air. Different bands started to use this energy for artistic purposes, combining it with diverse influences, like Expressionism, Dadaism and other “-isms”. Schleimer K wasn’t quite one of those bands as they could never really fit into any of the time’s musical categories. The project was based around the duo of Englishman Michael Wolfen and Frenchman Dominique Brethes and its music has two naturally interlaced aspects. In 1983 when the band’s last album “Wounded Wood” came out, Schleimer K had already several releases under their belt: the atmospheric and minimal debut self-titled LP (1981), a shared release with German “Die Partei” and Italian “Neon”, the 12” EP “Fugitive Kind” (1982), and tracks appearing on various compilations, all of which nowadays are almost impossible-to-find rarities. This re-release of their 1981 debut album comes with two bonus-tracks from the 1982 12”-release ‘Fugitive Kind’. "One of the best UK synth/post punk/experimental acts. Dark, icy synth sounds with anxious vocals sometimes touching the experimental edges."

01. Cold Sounds, 02. Crime, 03. Come To Me, 04. Short Cuts, 05. On The Road Again, 06. Wolf, 07. The Message, 08. Bed Of Roses, 09. Women, 10. Hang-Ups, 11. Nevermore, Bonus-Tracks: 12. She’s Gone, 13. Third Rate Man

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