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CD "End of Love"

Artikel-Nr.: 03929520
label: Infacted Recordings

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"End of Love" is the first Schallfaktor release on the Infacted label. The Mannheim (Germany) based harsh electro duo presents massive club beats in the vein of Suicide Commando, Agonoize or Grendel. Besides the massive clubhit 'End of Love' the EP also features remixes by scene icons Suicide Commando, Grendel as well as Modulate, NVMPH or Wynardtage. Besides 'End of Love' in various versions and remixes the EP also features more club material with songs such as 'Psychokiller', 'Selbstmordgedanken' and 'Zukunft'. 12 songs for a smooth EP price!

01. End of Love, 02. End of Love (Suicide Commando remix), 03. End of Love (Grendel remix), 04. Selbstmordgedanken, 05. Psychokiller, 06. End of Love (Wynardtage remix), 07. Zukunft, 08. Psychokiller (Acylum remix), 09. End of Love (Nexus Nemesis remix), 10. End of Love (Alternative remix), 11. End of Love (Modulate remix), 12. End of Love (NVMPH remix)

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