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Schachtanlage Gegenort

CD "Aufgelassen"

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Soundartist Denise Ritter aka Schachtanlage Gegnort has been doing her electroacoustic sound art since 1997, composing industrial noise music by recording sounds of the coal and steel industry and coal-mining. On 'aufgelassen' she creates a blend of darkness and mystery, creating pulsating sound worlds by using the recordings of industrial sounds of pounding machines, voice samples of steel workers, sounds of steel, stone and delay rooms. Most recordings were made deep under earth in mines or steel-mills. Those sound worlds have on one hand organic structures, on the other hand mechanical structures, in total 'aufgelassen<'offers quite various yet exciting, deep and almost mysterious atmospheres. Denise Ritter studied sound art in Saarbrücken and has performed throughout the last years many sound installations and sound sculptures all over Europe. In 2010 she won the Deutschen Klangkunstpreis.

1. La Mine, 2. St. Charles, 3. Alter Mann, 4. Grubenbahn, 5. Südkai, 6. Km 58,8, 7. Saarhafen, 8. Schachtwasser, 9. Dillinger, 10. Minette, 11. Nordschacht, 12. Konverterhalle, 13. Site Kazebierg

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