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Rachael Please

MCD "The Corruptor"

Artikel-Nr.: 03703000
label: Retro Virus

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Genre: Dark Electro Industrial. Rachael Please represents one of those rare and gifted creatures within the music world: an artist with the ability to create catchy tunes one could hear alongside well known artists such as Tool or Nine Inch Nails while being challenging to listeners, emotionally threatening to unsuspecting audiences and genuinely frightening to innocent bystanders. Rachael Please's darkly subversive works explore the apocalyptic themes of death, religion, and sexuality, cutting with an abrasive edge while still possessing the soft and comforting panacea of a mother's lullaby to her dying child. Industrial music has a new Belle Dame Sans Merci, and her name is Rachael.

01. The Corruptor, 02. Sloth, 03. The End of the World (and Not Giving a Damn), 04. If I Were Blind, 05. Tempest, 06. Purveyor of Destruction

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