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Rabia Sorda

DCD "Hotel Suicide [limited]"

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label: Out of Line

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Rabia Sorda is anger set to music. On his newest outing “Hotel Suicide”, Hocico-front man Erk Aicrag has mastered the nigh impossible feat of capturing the brute force and sincerity of his live shows on record. The songs go right for the emotional center like a fist in your face and then rumble through your body like a runaway freight train, while effectively mingling the dark heavy atmosphere of Post Punk with the direct and aggressive approach of Hardcore and Punk on a cocktail of electronics, harsh drums, wild buzz-saw guitars and straightforwardly catchy melodies. “Hotel Suicide” is 100% gut feeling that is unleashed in form of the most explosive sonic bastard of Industrial, Post Punk and Electroclash this year! As a special bonus, the first pressing of the album will contain the exclusive bonus disc “Room 13” which contains two more unreleased songs, remixes by OST+FRONT, Forgotten Sunrise and many more, plus six energetic live tracks, recorded in Leipzig at the end of 2012. Songs like salvos from an automatic gun: welcome to Hotel Suicide! Viva la Revolución!

Album-CD "Hotel Suicide": 01. Indestructible, 02. Turbulence, 03. Deaf, 04. Abwesend, 05. Hotel Suicide, 06. Dibujando El Veneno, 07. Eye M The Blacksheep, 08. Somewhere Along The Road, 09. Marionette, 10. Abuse Me, 11. Killing Words, 12. Noviembre Arde / Bonus-CD "Room 13": 01. Morbid Circus, 02. Two Bullets, 03. Hotel Suicide (Aesthetic Perfection remix), 04. Indestructible (Ost+Front remix), 05. Turbulence (Forgotten Sunrise remix), 06. Somewhere Along The Road (Formalin remix), 07. Deaf (Terrolokaust remix) / Live in Leipzig: 08. Out Of Control, 09. Radio Paranoia, 10. Money Talks (and rots), 11. Save me from my Curse, 12. Eye M The Blacksheep, 13. Walking on Nails

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