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CD "Qntal V - Silver Swan"

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label: E Wave

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The swan - a myth throughout the ages Silver Swan, the title of the most recent oeuvre by the border-transcending trio, QNTAL, owes its title to a madrigal by the British composer, Orlando Gibbons (1583 - 1625). Michael Popp, Syrah (nee: Sigrid Hausen) and Philipp Groth allow space for magic moments and prove themselves to be worthy of the noble artistic heraldic animal that they have chosen for their current release, QNTAL V Silver Swan. Purity, beauty and transformation these terms of handed-down symbolism apply without restriction to the joint creative work of these three musicians. The purity of their artistic standards produce offerings of sometimes dark, sometimes light beauty that have the gift of directly touching the listener as the clarity of the underlying ideas is capable of focussing, as well as imparting, complex structures. QNTAL the source of a new kind of Old Music The band was founded in 1991 by Michael Popp and Syrah, together with Ernst Horn of DEINE LAKAIEN. QNTAL notched up considerable

01. Monsieur`s Departure, 02, Amis Raynaut, 03. Levis, 04. Von den Elben, 05. Lingua Mendax, 06. Falling Star, 07. The Whyle, 08. Winter, 09. Altas Undaz, 10. 292, 11. Silver Swan

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