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CD "Qntal IV - Ozymandias"

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label: E Wave

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Qntal IV is about the transitoryness of human creation, using the famous romantic poem OZYMANDIAS by P.B.Shelley, that these three thoroughbred musicians have set to music in two very,atmospheric songs, as the title, and as a leading thought for their own work. To Qntal, next to the power of the sands referred to in Shelley`s compelling lines, the fire, the flames are also symbols of their fourth CD. The embers of passion and consuming powers are mirrored in this element. FLAMMA, that haunting, percussion-based song from Carmina Burana about the blazing flames of love, is part of this aspect. The stroll through the force of the elements is continued: the totally enraptured VOGELFLUC by pre-medieval,minnesinger Bernger von Horheim raises Qntal to the lofty areas of flying, the world of fantasy and dreams.

01. All For One, 02. Ozymandias I, 03. Vogelfluc, 04. Blac, 05. Dulcis Amor, 06. Cupido, 07. Flow, 08. Flamma, 09. Amor Volat, 10. Ozymandias II, 11. Indiscrete, 12. Noit E Dia, 13. Remember Me

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