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Orange Sector

CD-EP "Untertage [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 03156560
label: Infacted Recordings

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ORANGE SECTOR are back and with their brand new UNDERTAGE EP, they intend to say THANK YOU to all their fans! This extra-long EP in nice digipak contains not less than 10 ALL NEW and EXCLUSIVE tracks and is strictly limited to 1000 copies. The EBM-Oldschool-hearts will beat faster with this Fan-friendly and extremely nicely priced CD! Contains the potential club-hits Untertage, Die Macht and Der schwarze Mann. Uncompromising, hammering EBM at it`s best from one of the true masters of the genre!

01. Untertage, 02. Die Macht (feat. Ionic Vision), 03. R.I.P. (Fight Club Mix), 04. Untertage (Club Mix), 05. Life´s a bitch and then you die (Pain Mix), 06. Der schwarze Mann, 07. Untertage (Darkmen Remix), 08. Bibelhammer (Freimaurer Mix), 09. Life´s a bitch and then you die (Brom 35 Remix), 10. Untertage (Ionic Vision Remix)

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