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Orange Sector

CD "Profound"

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label: Infacted Recordings

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Out of the blue, ORANGE SECTOR the highly praised Zoth Ommog legend returned two years ago with their Best of album Here we are (Back Again). With the album BassProdukt and the single Für immer, they delivered an impressive come-back with all new song material last year. the response was great and encouraging and here they are back (again) with an all new album: Profound!!! The new album (10 new songs plus 3 remixes), features after a long break in their mothertongue German ,English lyrics and also the sound on this their new album appears much upgraded, rougher and tougher: Classic EBM full of edges and anger! Profound can easily be described as their most aggressive and powerful album so far and as such, Orange Sector proof in an impressive way, that their philosophy of sound is still PROFOUNDly based on uncompromising EBM roots!

01. sick.sick.sick, 02. life´s a bitch and then you die, 03. stimmen, 04. r.i.p., 05. exercise tiger, 06. kopfschuss, 07. noise, 08. bibelhammer, 09. invasion, 10. profound, 11. sick.sick.sick (666 mix), 12. r.i.p. (destroy mix), 13. bibelhammer (stahlschlag mix)

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