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DCD "Mysteries/ Big Brother/ Anthem"

Artikel-Nr.: 03109983
label: Prophecy

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2CD Digipak including the long ‘lost’ debut album, tracks from the vinyl-only single "Big Brother" and the rare experimental album "Anthem"! One of the most beautiful Neo-Folk/acoustic romantic albums in history! Piano, oboe, clarinet, drums… Norwegian beauty! The CD includes nine songs ranging from dark, foreboding piano music through to dreamy acoustic and strong, melancholic atmospheres. OBERON is a statement of Purity - a dream at the end of the world that shines through the vast musical landscapes drawn with a variety of styles, timeless and universal. Let yourself fall into the dreamy, melancholic world of MYSTERIES!

CD1: 01. Nocturne, 02. To Spring, 03. Do You Remember Me?, 04. Reveries, 05. Anything, 06. Tearing Me Apart, 07. Mysteries, 08. The Garden Of Flesh And Bones, 09. The End Of The World, 10. Spring Equinox, 11. To Spring (Demo), 12. The Apocalypse Mind, CD2: 01. Big Brother, 02. The Ecstasy Of Youth And Death, 03. Anthem, 04. Love_Light, 05. Byzantine, 06. When All Is Sorrow, 07. Dreams Of The Sun, 08. East, 09. Solaris

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