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O Paradis & Val Denham

CD "Transform Thyself"

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label: HauRuck!

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Coming in Digipak! Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) presents intensely beautiful and heartfelt diamond tracks from the artist and musician Val Denham (Yorkshire, England) in collaboration with famous Spanish act O PARADIS. The result is nothing short of astounding. O Paradis and Val Denham have both released their own musical adventures on various releases over the years, but this is something else and could well be considered a classic for years to come! Val in her own words: "We wanted to make an album of real songs that would contaminate the listeners mind". Very true, every track sticks in the subconscious. Catchy is an inadequate word here. Val's vocals being neither male nor female, the title of the album itself "Transform Thyself" may well be a metaphor for Val's own transgender experience. The opening track ‘She's a Witch’ being especially revealing with the line ‘Don't you know that a witch has a dick!’ driven along by an infectious rhythm and hellish horns on the chorus. What an opener!

01. She's a Witch, 02. Glow, 03. Memories and Dreams, 04. Now the Bottle’s empty, 05. Split, 06. Thinking of My Girl, 07. My blackest Flower, 08. You're not My Type, 09. Searching for Superman, 10. My lovely Val, 11. We don't spoil another Couple, 12. Saturday Night, 13. Transform thyself, 14. Never deny them, 15. Gravity, 16. Icarus

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