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CD "Mind the Gap"

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label: Alfa Matrix

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With a strong and productive career in the electronic scene together, longtime Belgian friends and partners in synthetic crime, Passenger A and Passenger S decided to take on a new challenge and create another conceptual band project focusing on the daily routine of transportation and commuting to work. METROLAND was born. Emerging from an uncontrollable burning passion for vintage keyboards, and acknowledging inspira- tion from acts in the likes of KOMPUTER, I START COUNTING (Sebastian says: One of my personal favourite acts…) or the unmatchable technological pioneers of KRAFTWERK, METROLAND carry us on an electronic journey animated by authentic warm sequences, melodic synthetic layers and robotic vocals, the whole project spiced up with analogue drum machines. Imagine blending the best ingredients of many decades of electronic music into an all new sonic world! From T.F.L.'s dreamy piano riff to the wobbly acid-like ‘M-E-T-R-O’ through the sinister sequences of title-track "Mind The Gap", it is obvious tha METROLAND will guide your senses on a sound-driven ride through the buzzing traffic or overcrowded vehicles, without limitations. And if METROLAND do not hesitate openly revealing their influences, they also dare to push back the limits of the expected music frame for METROLAND! This way, if the majestic melodic track "Enjoying The View" can be heard as a true ode to KRAFTWERK, METROLAND does not hesitate crossing the line by inserting heavier edged bass sequences in up tempo tracks such as “Theme for Metroland”. They will also invite the wittiness from acts like KOMPUTER in “It’s more Fun to commute” or “The Passenger” or yet add nice hints of their homeland ancestors TELEX on “Moscow Main”... “Mind the Gap” is more than just another music album of 13 songs. Instead, this album houses a complete package of conceptual creativity. Music and vision neatly melt into each other around one central theme: The Underground. Whatever your usual commute may be, just cl

01. Enjoying the View, 02. Mind the Gap, 03. Inner City Transport, 04. M-E-T-R-O, 05. Interchange Station, 06. Theme for Metroland, 07. Harry Beck, 08. Travelling, 09. Moscow Main, 10. T.F.L., 11. The Passenger, 12. It's more Fun to commute, 13. (much) more Fun

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