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Mechanical Moth

CD "Rebirth"

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Founded in 2002 by Tandrin under the name ‚Projekt Rosenhöhe’, from the very beginning till today, the band combines elements of electronic music, gospel and even soul with symphonic and orchestral elements. Still back in 2002, Matricide joined the project for vocal support. She left the band in 2007, after the third album „The Sad Machina“. During these 5 years she supported the music with lyrics, her voice and many concerts and the band released 3 albums: ‚Fallen into you’ (2004), ‚Torment’ (2005) and ‚The Sad Machina’ (2007). In 2008 finally a new female singer finally replaced the position Matricide had left with her departure: Ivy joined the band. She was actually working with Tandrin on a side-kick-rock-project where she convinced the band thanks to her broad vocal talent. Because of Ivy’s soul and gospel voice the style of the band changed a lot into more experimental mixture of gothic, electronic and soul.

Audio Tracks: 01. Dance revolution, 02. Cathedral, 03. Black Queen Style, 04. Zealot, 05. Look behind you, 06. Feenzauber, 07. Elegy, 08. Velvet Dancer feat. Der Kammersänger, 09. Dying is a lonely game, 10. Passion, 11. MDK, 12. Fiend, 13. Crimson Theme, PC Data: Video (wmv): Black Queen Style Additional Songs (mp3): 01. Black Queen Style (FabrikC RmX), 02. Cathedral (sinessence remix), 03. Chainsaw (Acylum remix), 04. Chainsaw (N+T Remix by Sleetgrout), 05. Dance Revolution (Acylum Remix), 06. Dance Revolution (Industriegebiet Remix), 07. Feenzauber (Lauras Cello), 08. Hate the light (remix by [sintheticsquad]), 09. Rette mich, 10. Shadowcall, 11. Zealot (remixed by IntSec), 12. Zealot (remixed by The Negativekoil), Letters: Ivy.pdf Salacity.pdf Tandrin.pdf Pictures: Pictures of Ivy / Pictures of Tandrin and his makrophotography

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