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Leæther Strip

CD "Serenade for the Dead 2 [2nd Edition]"

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2nd jewelcase edition! This is NOT the re-release of ‘Serenade for the Dead’ but an ALL NEW ALBUM!!! A note from the creater: “In case you wondered why I created this album “Serenade for the Dead II”, here is why. I’ve always had a big passion for writing instrumental- and more soundtrack-like music. I am also a movie fan and it’s always fascinated me. Just how much a good soundtrack can do for a movie or anything visual for that matter. In fact, before Leæther Strip was “formed” I only wrote instrumental music for 2 years. The first “Serenade for the Dead” was released in 1994, and at first people were angry that it wasn’t a “Solitary Confinement” and it was too different than my “usual” Leæther Strip material. Zoth Ommog even asked me to do it as a side project, but that kind of music is also part of me so I refused. I guess it just took a while for people to get used to, and it’s one of my most successful albums to date, and over the years many people have asked me to do an album like that again, so the past 3 years I’ve slowly created “Serenade for the Dead II” and I am really happy with the result! Claus Larsen

01. Serenade for the Dead II, 02. Minion on a Tightrope, 03. Qaanaaq, 04. Those who kill, 05. Theseus twine, 06. Scablands, 07. Karl Brandt's Needle, 08. Spiritual Discipline, 09. Eldorado - Hier ist's richtig, 10. The Malleus

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