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Kirlian Camera

DCD "Eclipse (Das schwarze Denkmal): Definitive Edition"

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label: Out Of Line

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A legend is reborn! Italian cult band Kirlian Camera's long-deleted and extremely sought-after 1988 classic is finally getting a re-release as a 2CD "Definitive Edition", after being out of print for almost two decades. The album does not only contain the group's definitive club hit 'Eclipse' which is still a mandatory spin in Gothic/Dark Electro parties around the globe every night, it has also become such a legendary rarity that many consider it one of the "holy grails" of any dark music collection. Changing hands at ridiculous prices at online auctions or records, the album that defined the classic Kirlian Camera sound in many ways is now being made available to the general public again. The "Definitive Edition" does not only feature this masterpiece in a glorious remastered sound and with a gorgeous new artwork from the band, it also sports a bonus disc with more rarities. This second CD features the also long-deleted and extremely rare EP "Eklipse 2 - Eclipse Part 2" which contains reinventions of songs from the album in the band's 1994 line up, as well as new songs. On top of that, Kirlian Camera have added 4 rare album-related bonus tracks (an alternative version of 'Austria', two versions of 'Eclipse' from 1998 and 2008 plus a remix of the title track by Wumpscut.) For many of you, this is probably the first chance to get your hands on this legendary album but even those of you lucky enough to own one of the old pressings will find enough here to make it worth a double dip. This is one of those albums that have definitely earned the title classic and that belongs in every serious collection of Gothic and Electro music!

CD1 "Eclipse (Das schwarze Denkmal) (1988)": 01. Intro: Lux, 02. Eclipse, 03. River Of No Return, 04. The Christ, 05. Celephais, 06. Austria, 07. Tor Zwei, 08. Aura, 09. Epitaph, CD2 "Eklipse Zwei / Eclipse 2 (1994)": 01. (introduction), 02. Eclipse (1994 Total Re-make), 03. One Grey Morning, 04. Dresden T, 05. Neden (Eclipse 22005), 06. The Third Lake, Bonus-Tracks: 07. Eclipse - Anniversary (2008), 08. Austria - Full Metal Version (1988), 09. Eclipse v4 (1998), 10. Eclipse - :Wumpscut: remix (2000)

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