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Kirlian Camera

MCD "Immortal"

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label: Out Of Line

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“Immortal” is centered around a searing rework of one of the finest songs from the band’s latest album “Nightglory”, presented here in an even more intense rendition that brilliantly showcases vocal talent Elena Alice Fossi’s outstanding voice. It is complemented by a haunting song with band founder Angelo Bergamini, plus 3 more unreleased tracks on which Kirlian Camera display the entire bandwidth of their unique music, from beat-driven Club sounds to atmospheric soundscapes, always infused with the group’s adventurous urge towards new sonic frontiers. The EP is rounded off by a massively club-compatible up tempo remix of “Immortal” by Italo-Canadian group BLANK. “Immortal” is a must-own companion to “Nightglory” and a brilliant new addition to the oeuvre of one of the world’s most intriguing bands.

01. IMMORTAL (single edit), 02. BROS IN NWO, 03. 1982 (instrumental), 04. SITCHIN – A (immortal hybrids), 05. SITCHIN – B (immortal hybrids), 06. IMMORTAL (re-mix by Blank)

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