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Simon Beckett & In the Nursery

book + CD "Verwesung [+Audio-CD]"

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[book written in German] The Calling is a thematic soundtrack inspired by, and to accompany, the Hunter series of books by international bestselling writer Simon Beckett. The soundtrack is a mixture of new music, binaural field recordings, sound design, foley and includes readings by the author. “When the Sheffield neoclassical band IN THE NURSERY suggested collaborating on an album of music inspired by my David Hunter novels, I was immediately intrigued. Coming from Sheffield myself, I was familiar with ITN's work. Their music is dramatic, atmospheric and highly cinematic - all attributes I try to bring into my own writing. What we agreed on was to create something new: not an audiobook with background music but an instrumental soundtrack that takes its themes and tone from the David Hunter books. As such it's a unique project, and something that to the best of my knowledge hasn't been done before. Hopefully it will not only appeal to those familiar with the series, but also resonate with a wider audience. Simon Beckett, April 2012.'

448 Seiten / Sprache: Deutsch / Einband: Gebunden, Lesebändchen. mit CD / Maße: 205 x 125 mm, Stärke: 38 mm / CD-Inhalt: 01. Tenure 1, 02. Final Metamorphosis, 03. Ensnare, 04. Capture and Control, 05. Third Movement, 06. Tenure 2, 07. Swarm, 08. Inhale, 09. Aspect Dawn, 10. Afterimage, 11. Indicia, 12. 3 am, 13. Entoptics, 14. Thanatophilia, 15. Tiled Room, 16. Black Tor, 17. The Calling, 18. Portal, 19. Foul and Feral, 20. Mortify, 21. Tenure 3

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