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MCD "Havestar"

Artikel-Nr.: 02103020
label: Alfa Matrix

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The seductive voice of female singer Brittany Bindrim instantly brought the band comparisons to GARBAGE, EVANESCENCE and THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, while their intricate layers of guitars and synths bring them closer in feel to artists like GRAVITY KILLS, STABBING WESTWARD, and NINE INCH NAILS! Their combination of hard-edged industro goth, crunchy guitars, trip-hop beats, psychedelic grooves, intense female vox and whirling electro mayhem is addictive, catchy and furious all at the same time. The group precisely finds its force in its unique ability to seamlessly jump genres, from fast paced saturated tracks to electro songs with a lighter feel, with a constant charismatic and alluring attitude. Before the release of their full length album this two-female / two-male group offers us on this new EPCD 4 new songs including the instant hits 'Havestar' and 'Scin', plus 5 bonus club mixes by bands like COMBICHRIST, KLUTAE (aka LEAETHER STRIP), IMPLANT, DISKONNEKTED and NEIKKA RPM.

01. havestar, 02. Scin, 03. the bells, 04. capsella [toxin mix], 05. havestar [COMBICHRIST mix], 06. havestar [DISKONNEKTED mix], 07. scin [NEIKKA RPM mix], 08. havestar [IMPLANT mix], 09. capsella [KLUTAE mix]

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