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I-M-R [In My Rosary]

CD "Letters from the Paper Garden"

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label: Syborg Music

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No one does brooding dark electropop like the Germans. I-M-R (the musical continuationof In My Rosary) have been at the forefront of this movement since the1990s with a cache of critically acclaimed albums that have earned them a loyal cult following all over the world. I-M-R is the creation of prolific singer, songwriter and producer Ralf Jesek (Vocals,various Instruments). For this remodelled edition of I-M-R Ralf has been joined by musicians who he had previously only worked with in live performance.Their contributions have invested the intimate songs with a bitter-sweet melancholy that recalls Joy Division and The Cure at their most alluring and intense. I-W-R is composed by Ralf with friends Martin von Arndt (Keyboards, Sax, backing Vocals), a best-selling novelist and a founding member of legendary Avantgarde/Goth/Industrialband Printed at Bismarck's Death and the two In My Rosary live-members Holger Diener (guitars) and Hansi Huenig (Keyboards). "Letters from the Paper Garden" comes with an impressive list of international guests: In addition to SARA NOXX and STAN I. & M.S. (STILLIFE), with whom Ralf has already worked together on the last In My Rosary album "Retro", the guest list also includes ELENA ALICE FOSSI (SPECTRA PARIS/ KIRLIAN CAMERA), ISABELLE DEKEYSER (THE BREATH OF LIFE), the viola player DORIS KRAUSSE, the accordion player ANNETTE KOSAKOWSKI, as well as RobDVA (IT) and ALLES of the Italian Dark electro project INTO NOWHERE. And as a very special treat NICOLE RELLUM and KAI KAMPMANN, who formerly formed DERRIERE LE MIROIR together with Ralf are also welcome guests on this great album!

01. Ghost intro, 02. Awake, 03. By the Fire (w/Annette Kosakowski), 04. The Paper Garden (w/Isabelle Dekeyser), 05. Words (w/Elena Alice Fossi & Doris Krausse), 06. Reinb/el/ow (w/Sara Noxx), 07. Anesidora, 08. Posoned Eyes (w/Nicole Rellum & Kai Kampmann), 09. Part of it (w/Paul Roland), 10. Stay clean (with Stan_I & M.S./Into Nowhere), 11. More than this, 12. Too slow, 13. Postscript

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