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Hanin Elias

Box "Fatal Box (Lim.Ed.)"

Artikel-Nr.: 01916740
label: Rustblade

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Absolutely amazing, beautifully designed silver Boxset, including her last 2 Releases "No Games, No Fun" and "Future Noir" & an EXCLUSIVE Bonus CD with Coverversions, new Tracks, and Remixes (Bahntier, Sandblasting, Din A Tod). The Boxset is limited to 299 copies only! ORDER FAST. The CDs features Collaborations with several Artists from all over the world: J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Merzbow, Alec Empire, Khan, Diego Sagredo, Marcel Degaz, TweakerRay, Marc Chiffre and more. Hanin Elias can't be put in a box, she is unpredictable and very open to a wide range of influences (Digital Hardcore, Electro, No wave). If you think you figuered her out she'll surprise you with a new direction. Still it all goes very well together!  The BOX SET contains 3 CD, 2 POSTCARDS, STICKER, AND CAMEO PIN

Tracks Bonus CD: 01. Future Noir - coverversion by G.G. Alan Binding (original track by Hanin Elias/TweakerRay), 02. She died for Love - Hanin Elias/Marcel Degaz Remix of Trisomie 21 (original track by T21), 03. Far away - Hanin Elias (Lyrics and Music by Hanin Elias), 04. Slide - Hanin Elias/Bertil Mark (with Courtesy of Viana on Mars), 05. Dead Eyes Remix by Lorenzo Montana (original track by Hanin Elias/Yeti Popstar/Mismerizer), 06. Go Tiger - Hanin Elias/Bong Ra/Marcel Degaz, 07. Fitter than you - Hanin Elias/S.I.N.A, 08. City Lights (Bahntier remix), 09. War (Sandblasting remix), 10. Fight Together (Din [A] Tod remix), Tracks ‘No Games No Fun’ CD: 01. Catpeople - with Mario Mentrup, 02. One Of Us- with C.H.I.F.F.R.E., 03. Falling - with C.H.I.F.F.R.E., 04 Spirits In The Sky - with Alexander Hacke of Einsterzende Neubauten, 05. Wanting A Machine - with C.H.I.F.F.R.E., 06. You Suck - with Alec Empire, 07. Drop Out - with C.H.I.F.F.R.E., 08. Rockets Against Stones - with Merzbow and

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