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Halo in Reverse

DCD "Trials and Tribulations + Interpretations of Tribulations"

Artikel-Nr.: 01913720
label: Alfa Matrix

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Established trademark in today's electronic music scene, Belgium’s Alfa Matrix record company has always shown an interest in the eclectic side with the selection of artists signed to the label... Well, HALO IN REVERSE is living proof of this and above all a very promising surprise and an album which will be in competition for best album of the year...  HALO IN REVERSE confirms that there is still talent around to be discovered and that electronic music can still be more than just the average boom-boom club noise of today! This one-man American band fits into the electro / industrial rock genre that mixes trashy guitar with depressive piano rolls, and aggressive intricate electronics all fused together with Joshua Steffen’s raging sexuality, and high energy synthesizers. All these elements all bundled up collide with personal demons and powerful attitude.

CD-1: 01. Something's Gone Terribly Wrong, 02. Pop Icon Puppets, 03. Sweetest Honey, 04. Falling Apart, 05. Modesty's Failure, 06. Go All The Way, 07. I Machine, 08. Something This Real, 09. They've Taken Me Away, 10. Whittled To An Edge, 11. Where Were You, 12. You, 13. Acubens (Alpha Cancri), CD-2 "interpretations of tribulations" bonus CD – only available in the ltd edition box: 01. Modesty's Failure (P45K Mix), 02. Sweetest Honey (DRØNE Mix), 03. Modesty's Failure (Leæther Strip Mix), 04. I Machine (VTG 3am Mix), 05. Whittled To An Edge (Cold Painted Soul Mix), 06. Go All The Way (Needles Eye Mix), 07. Pop Icon Puppets (Josh's DnB Destruction Mix), 08. Something This Real (Jamie Myerson Mix), 09. Falling Apart (crashtv Mix), 10. Go All The Way (Jamie Myerson Mix), 11. Modesty's Failure (Jamie Myerson Mix), 12. Mississippi Queen*, 13. Theme For a Portrait of Hell (Unreleased), 14. Seething (Unreleased 1995 Demo), 15. Drama Queen (Unreleased 1995 Demo), 16. For You (Unreleased 1995 D

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