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Electric Sewer Age [COIL]

CD "Bad White Corpuscle [limited]"

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label: Old Europa Café

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Very elegant electronica, as you are used from best Coil's albums. Dreamy and doped muzak for the real dreamer. Limited edition of 750 copies. ELECTRIC SEWER AGE was thought up in 2006 by a man called John Deek (r.i.p). The original idea was for likeminded souls, amongst particularly the COIL fraternity, to compose music, which would be released, with no credits to the creators. This would allow the listener to listen, and not have a preconceived bias, as to which song they liked best, based on their favourite composer etc. Danny Hyde: “While in Bangkok 2006, I talked with Peter Christopherson/Sleazy (r.i.p) about the project and he jumped aboard. He supplied many loops which made their way to Texas and onto the UK. These segments might or might not be used in here, you explore. Danny Hyde continues his fantastical journey in sound with this second release under the ESA name and completely moves beyond expectations. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself into a symphony that Hyde terms "an ode to loss". Danny lives up to his reputation for creating amazingly detailed yet extremely dark electronic compositions. The symbiosis of organic and synthetic influences would be his forte and he's not holding anything back this time out, believe me, there's a feel to what is on here that isn't easily conceived.

01. Grey Corpuscle, 02. Corpuscular Corpuscle, 03. Amber Corpuscle, 04. Rising Corpuscle, 05. Bad White Corpuscle, 06. Black Corpuscle

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