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DCD "Re-Arrested"

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label: Infacted Recordings

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Back with a BANG! The EBM knights hailing all the way from East Germany return with their strongest album release EVER to date! "E-Craft" are for sure one of the driving forces in the German EBM/Electro scene! The sound of E-Craft is true - in your face - and electronic! Harsh electro shouts meet hard line EBM beats! Almost 7 years after their last album "Unsocial Themes" the steel workers return with "Re-Arrested"! After showing a sign of life with the release of "The Roots" it's time for an all new 25 piece studio album on two CDs! The album features club stompers such as "Re-Arrested", "Gone", "Fu*kers & Pricks" or "Unborn Retard" as well as mid-tempo songs like "Blast Zone", "Down Under" or "Something To Eat"!

CD1: 01. Quia peccavimus (Intro), 02. Gone V1.0, 03. ReArrested V1.0, 04. Unborn Retard (Instrumental), 05. Something To Eat, 06. Soldiers Conflict, 07. Oppenheimer (Instrumental), 08. Humanity, 09. Balst Zone (Target), 10. Book Of Anger V1.0, 11. Fu*kers & Pricks, 12. Down Under V1.0, 13. From Above (Instrumental), 14. Book Of Anger (Reminder), CD2: 01. Gone V1.2, 02. ReArrested V2.0 (minimal), 03. Book Of Anger V2.0 (IHNFIWIDH), 04. ReArrested V4.0 (AntiDubMix), 05. Fu*kers & Prix V2.0 (ClubInstrumentalMix), 06. Gone V2.0 (Taken), 07. ReArrested V1.2 (RoughVersion), 08. Down Under V2.0 (extended), 09. ReArrested V3.0, 10. Blast Zone (Target) – Reminder, 11. Revolts Blood V2.0 (FloorRMX2009)

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