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CD "The witching hour"

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label: Tympanik

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with three ground-breaking albums in 3 years, michael morton, toronto-based electronic music composer and visual artist, has established himself as a driving force in the world of modern dark electronica. performing live with such legendary acts as xingu hill, s:cage, terrorfakt, converter, manufactura, haujobb, and legendary pink dots, a multitude of remix credits and compilation appearances, and sharp imaginative digital artwork under the alias anti/matter, morton has more than earned his place among the ranks of the greatest electronic musicians of all time. now, michael brings his next masterpiece to tympanik audio titled "the witching hour" in august 2008. working from old horror movie samples, crackling analog records, chilling atmospheres, and addictive trip-hop beats, "the witching hour" introduces a new chapter in the displacer legacy with style. includes remixes by l'ombre, diff_cult, larvae, esa, and autoclav1.1.

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