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Die Sektor

DCD "(-)existence(+) [Limited Edition]"

Artikel-Nr.: 01006600
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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Few bands make a splash in the scene with their debut album then promptly disappear for five years before as unexpectedly making a return – yet there are few bands on Earth anything like Atlanta’s DIE SEKTOR. And what a return – seemingly eager to make up for lost time, since 2011 DIE SEKTOR have cracked out no fewer than 3 full studio albums and no less than 20 remixes to date (for the likes of SUICIDE COMMANDO, DISTORTED MEMORY, DYM, BLAKOPZ, FGFC820 and TERROLOKAUST) - remixes renowned for completely reinventing the original tracks… This is a band almost literally on fire…yet apparently still not self-satisified enough to rest on its laurels. Because now, following a second successive and successful summer of touring across their native USA, DWA is proud to present the Georgia-based 4-piece’s fourth album “(-)existence” – in an epic 2CD limited edition of 300, featuring an hour’s worth of additional material on the “(+)existence” CD2 remixed by labelmates DYM, SIN DNA, NITRO/NOISE and BLAKOPZ, recent touring partners FRONTAL BOUNDARY and CRYOGEN SECOND, DIE BRAUT (NoiTekk) and CYNICAL EXISTENCE (Alfa Matrix), hard dance heroes STUDIO-X, up-and-coming outfits CEASE2XIST and SIRUS, and the recording debut of CRYOGENIC ECHELON/RUINIZER side-project DREAM RECALL. Little more than a year later third album “The Final Electro Solution” was already out, yet even with an astonishing output of remixes and a seemingly-relentless touring schedule somehow DIE SEKTOR still found time to finish off their fourth and most accomplished album yet – the 66-minute masterpiece “(-)existence”. Illustrated like “Applied Structure In A Void” and “The Final Electro Solution” by Greek artist Nikos Markogiannakis, and mastered like “The Final Electro Solution” by SOMAN’s Kolja Trelle, “(-)existence” is the closing chapter of DIE SEKTOR’s “Void Trilogy” – an album which both unifies and expands on the musical and lyrical themes of the 2 preceding records, and which is knowingly reflected in the artwork. DWA’s “(-)existence(+)” 2CD limited edition, strictly limited to 300 copies, comes in a specially-designed 6-panel digifile with pocket-flap to accommodate the included 6-panel booklet.

CD 1: 01. Beneath, 02. Blood I, 03. ROM , 04. Nine, 05. Solder, 06. Crucifix , 07. Severity, 08. Unborn, 09. Sum, 10. Blood II, 11. Comatose / CD 2: 01. Beneath (BLAKOPZ Remix), 02. Blood I (DYM Remix), 03. ROM (SIN DNA Remix), 04. Nine (STUDIO-X Remix), 05. Beneath (CRYOGEN SECOND Remix), 06. Blood I (NITRO/NOISE Remix), 07. ROM (CYNICAL EXISTENCE Remix), 08. Nine (SIRUS Remix), 09. Beneath (DREAM RECALL Remix), 10. Blood I (FRONTAL BOUNDARY Remix), 11. ROM (DIE BRAUT Remix), 12. Nine (CEASE2XIST Remix)

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