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Die Funkhausgruppe

CD "Mono-Poly"

Artikel-Nr.: 01004080
label: Synthetic Symphony

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An artist collective consisting of 4 German bands: Welle:Erdball, Die Perlen, Hertz-infarkt & Sonnenbrandt. Founded in 2007 during the annual Welle:Erdball fan convention, after some more meetings, the project started to work seriously on this first album during 2009 and 2010. It is remarkable that all the tracks you are about to hear were created by all 12 members of the four bands together! Here’s an example: at one occasion, Honey (Welle:Erdball) laid down the first sequences using his Dr.-Böhm-“Böhmat 78, supported by Herr Brandt (of Sonnenbrandt) on his guitar, while at the same time in the studio’s garden, the lyrics were written. And in the room next door, Ferdinand Ess (of Die Perlen) and Henne: Schwertwal (Hertzinfarkt) were already preparing more tracks based around their brilliant drumset work and their analogue synthesizer skills! During the busy time of recording sessions, the collective even found the time to shoot the video clip to their track “Die Physiker” which can be viewed on the album’s CD Extra data track!

01. Stadtflucht, 02. Die Physiker, 03. Der Sommer ist da, 04. Space Odyssee, 05. Liebe zu viert, 06. Die Zeit steht still, 07. Eine Maschine will ich sein, 08. Mono-Poly, 09. Der Computer Nr. 3, 10. Liebeskrieg, 11. Tanzpalast, 12. Fernweh, Bonus: CD Extra: video clip „Die Physiker“

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