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CD "Origin"

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label: Ad Noiseam

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detritus's second album "origin" takes this act's combination of clean and powerful drum'n'bass, deep strings and emotion-ridden melodies to a whole new level. brilliantly produced, this album is a perfect combination of beauty and musical talent, of human feeling and driven beats. refusing to fall into clichés dictated by a scene or a trend, detritus is a sound of its own, for it manages to communicate passion and melancholy, with balance and honesty. warm and human, detritus's music is first something to be felt and enjoyed. but detritus's talent doesn't only lie in his ability to suggest beauty. an experienced bass player and electronic componist, dando-moore thought of 'origin' as a statement against the parodic and saddening low quality of many electronic and industrial releases, where ideas are sunk by a low production and little care brought to the actual music. finally, the album ends with remixes by two of detritus label mates, mad e.p. and mothboy, both adding a more urban and dirty feeling to this

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