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Dead Hollywood Stars

EP-CD "Smoke and Mirrors"

Artikel-Nr.: 00937540
label: Hymen

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admirers of the previous two albums will be in familiar territory, a feeling reinforced by the omnipresence of the slide guitars, ghostly melodies and the unique combination of acoustic with electronic elements. more song based and acoustic than before, delicately crafted, and yet disturbing, "smoke and mirrors" opens a new door to the odd universe of dead hollywood stars. a clash of spectral jazz, ambient americana, spooky boogie and psychotronic pop... "smoke and mirrors" looks behind the curtain, searches for the blurry, mysterious and sometimes ominous world hidden under the familiar appearances. each track is a little vignette, an open story, a scene of a long-lost script. magic, tricks, lies - a multi-faceted world of wonders that dead hollywood stars reveals through the six tracks of this ep, presented in a beautiful 3'' cd embedded in a clear 5'' disc. packaging: partly metallized 5''cd in slimline-case

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