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Cyan Inc.

CD "Better leave me dying"

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The electronic duo CYAN inc. consists of Per-Anders Kurenbach (Psyche) and singer,Cyan (The Eternal Afflict). Together with Darrin Huss, Per released the impressing PSYCHE albums ?Strange,Romance? and ?Love Among The Ruined? between 1996-1998. A third album named ?11th Hour? was released by Per,and Darrin in 2005. Then they went separate ways. Cyan made the same experience. In the 90?s CYAN published under,his name the amazing EP ?Ricky?s Hand? and the three hit albums ?True?, ?Rage? and ?s´Fiction?. After the reunion,of THE ETERNAL AFFLICT in 1998 the band split off finally in April 2006. In the summer of 2006 Cyan and Per,formed CYAB Inc.. Since November 2006 the well-known "THE SPOOK"-Drummer Vic Chains is the official third,member of the band. Cyan, the voice from ?The Eternal Afflict? is back! ?Better Leave Me Dying? is dealing with,human tragedies of the past, the present and the future. An emotional horror-scenario and also an impressing selfreflection!,The limited first edition will be availab

01. Entrance, 02. Holocaust o' Love, 03. Children Without Amen, 04. Midas Touch, 05. Turmoil Reigns, 06. In My,Suitcase, 07. Abscence Of Light, 08. Leatherbound Lil' Jesus, 09. A Dream They Say, 10. Daddycated, 11. Blame A Butterfly, 12. Song Of Wrath, 13. Zombie Machine, 14. Birth Of Words

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