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DCD "Sinners Paradise (limited edition)"

Artikel-Nr.: 00885800
label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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Dirty and dark electro sounds from Russia! Limited first edition of 100 copies in 4-panel digipak includes bonus 9-track CD2 - for the price of a regular 1CD! Diligent Deathwatchers will no doubt already be familiar with the name CUTOFF:SKY after a raft of remixes surfaced over the last 12 months for the likes of CYGNOSIC, SURGYN, XP8 and more recently NITRO/NOISE, C-LEKKTOR, FREAKANGEL and DIE SEKTOR. We can now confirm that these remixes were in fact simply softening you up for the 2CD assault that forms CUTOFF:SKY’s formal label debut “Sinners Paradise” (following the free download album “From Hell”) for DWA. This new secret weapon in DWA’s already formidable sonic arsenal hails from the former Soviet Union and is the brainchild of DJ, producer and promoter Oleg Xaler. A prolific composer and remixer, CUTOFF:SKY is just one of several projects Xaler has had or currently divides his time between (C_FILE, PROJECT E.V.A., THAT FATAL ERROR, DARK NOISE EXPERIENCE among others) - embracing a variety of alternative electronic styles from chemical beats through trance and hard dance to technoise. Deciding what to actually incorporate into “Sinners Paradise” was a thankless task, given the embarrassment of riches available to us (over 30 tracks!). Eventually, after a lot of hard editing choices 14 of the finest tracks found their way onto the album itself – with a further 9 forming a second dose for those finding the CD1 instantly addictive enough to immediately crave more. Putting out a 2CD of entirely original material is in itself another first for DWA, following hybrid CD2s incorporating remixes for VPROJEKT and most recently THE .INVALID – but in this case the sheer amount and quality of material at our disposal made it a given. This second disc "Paradise Regained" is strictly limited to 200 copies and available only with the limited first edition of "Sinners Paradise". Expertly-executed electro, “Sinners Paradise” boasts crisp production and infectious dance grooves not a million miles away from an industrial take on THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS - interspersed with smooth chill-out tunes that could have come from Jean-Michel Jarre. The principally instrumental approach is flavoured with tracks featuring vocals from a range of Xaler’s confederates at his Black Minds Production studio – PHEROMONE, PROJECT E.V.A. and MAESTRO NOSFERATU, each of whom inject a different dimension to the proceedings. Commercially accessible, yet resolutely industrial, CUTOFF:SKY deliver

CD1: 01. Inside (feat. PROJECT EVA), 02. Kings, 03. Knowledge And Awareness, 04. Destiny, 05. Interlude, 06. Save Me (feat. MAESTRO NOSFERATU), 07. Taste It, 08. The Twilight Of The Gods, 09. Overdose (feat. PHEROMONE), 10. Is It True?, 11. Reload, 12. Music, 13. Human Zoo, 14. Two Suns, CD2 "Paradise Regained": 01. Not Human, 02. Kill 'Em, 03. Hard Way, 04. My Game, 05. Rebirth, 06. The Twilight Of The Gods Part II, 07. Your Game, 08. Implant, 09. Dangerous Toys

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