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MCD "From My Cold Dead Hands [limited]"

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label: Out of Line

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Limited and handnumbered editon of strictly 900 copies. Combichrist go back to the roots with the first appetizer for their upcoming album “We Love You”.“From My Cold Dead Hands” is an addictive club floor filler on a solid electronic beat-foundation that effectively fuses Industrial, Techno Body Music and Future Pop with the Metalcore-influences of the group’s soundtrack for the game “DMC Devil May Cry.” Melodic vocoder vocals meet aggressive shouts in an irresistible club hybrid that leaves you craving for more. “From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixes)” contains the single version of the new Combichrist-smasher plus six dance floor compatible remixes by Ryle, Monikkr vs. Matlin, Gavin Reign, Nitro/Noise, Darksiderz and ex-Marilyn-Manson- and current Rob-Zombie-drummer Ginger Fish, all of which infuse the song with a variety of different styles and massive club-power. As a special bonus, Combichrist are including the aggressive exclusive b-side “You Amount To None.” A feast for fans and the newly converted that will put any club-PA to a serious stress test.

01. From My Cold Dead Hands (Album Version), 02. From My Cold Dead Hands (DeathElectro Remix by Ryle), 03. From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixed by Nitro/Noise), 04. From My Cold Dead Hands (Darksiderz Hardstyle Remix), 05. From My Cold Dead Hands (Monikkr vs. Matlin NYC Club Remix), 06. From My Cold Dead Hands (Gavin Reign Remix), 07. From My Cold Dead Hands (Remix by Ginger Fish feat. Disco Death Rock), 08. You Amount To None

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