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DCD "No Redemption [Limited Edition] + Poster"

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[Plus a free "No Redemption" poster!] The creators of “DmC Devil May Cry”, one of the most popular computer game series, could hardly have chosen a more fitting partner to write the sound track than charismatic singer/producer/songwriter Andy LaPlegua and his band Combichrist. Personified evil and the dark side of human existence and society have always been central themes in the group’s oeuvre, making them the perfect match for a game that focuses on the origin story of the series protagonist, human-demon-half breed Dante, fighting evil by any means necessary. Fitting the not exactly squeamish nature of the game itself, with the hero not hesitating to make use of his demonic powers and diverse weaponry to reach his goal, Combichrist are unleashing a massive sonic onslaught of aggressive, electronic walls of sound, spiced up with hefty Metalcore elements that complement the game's battle scenes perfectly. The new elements might surprise a few people but fit hand in glove into the grand scheme of a band returning to a violent, yet addictive top form. "No Redemption"“ is also released as a limited deluxe edition that also contains a compilation of the 10 Combichrist-classics that were used in the game, alongside the 13 new tracks that Combichrist recorded for „DmC Devil May Cry“ featured on disc one: this exclusive bonus disc is not only a perfect introduction to Combichrist's past for the gamers who will be first exposed to the band when they dive into the world of Dante, but also a superb hit collection for fans... Join Combichrist on the hunt for demons… HELL awaits in January!

CD 1: 01. Age Of Mutation, 02. Zombie Fistfight, 03. Feed The Fire, 04. Gimme Deathrace, 05. Clouds Of War, 06. Buried Alive, 07. Empty, 08. I Know What I Am Doing (Planet Treason), 09. No Redemption, 10. Falling Apart, 11. Gotta Go, 12. How Old Is Your Soul?, 13. Pull The Pin / CD 2: 01. Declamation, 02. What the Fu*k is wrong with you, 03. Get your Body Beat, 04. Never surrender, 05. Deathbed, 06. Follow the Trail of Blood, 07. Sent to destroy, 08. Throat full of Glass, 09. Electrohead, 10. All Pain is gone

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