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CD "Making Monsters"

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If there is one person with ample experience in unleashing sonic monsters unto mankind, it must be Andy LaPlegua, front-berserker and head of Norwegian-U.S.-Electro-Industrial force of nature Combichrist. The band has been spending most of the roughly one and a half years since the release of their highly successful last long play album on tour, also supporting legendary German band Rammstein on their European tour along the way. All the manifold impressions and experiences have certainly left their mark on the new album, which is easily the most versatile release in their career. The new Combichrist-monster is loud, massive and direct, as one would have come to expect from the band and features incendiary floor fillers such as the advance single “Never Surrender” that are among the hardest hits Andy & his lads have ever produced. At the same time Minimal-Electro-influences, menacing, dark slo-mo-steam rollers and an inkling of melodic elements have been seeping into the sound, evolving “Making Monsters” into an inferno of the intense kind.

01. Declamation, 02. Follow the Trail of Blood (feat. Brandon Schieppati of Bleeding Through), 03. Never Surrender, 04. Throat full of Glass, 05. Fuc*machine, 06. Forgotten, 07. Just like Me, 08. Slave to Machine, 09. Through these Eyes of Pain, 10. MonsterMurderKill, 11. They, 12. Reclamation

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